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Centerpieces That Rock My World

Let’s play a word association game:  When I say “centerpiece”, what do you think of?  Flowers?  Usually.  Candles?  Almost always.  How about these words? Whimsical party favor boxes.  Tall tapered candles in wine bottles.  Cylinder vases filled with everything from mono chromatic puzzle pieces to over-sized lollipops.  Paper lanterns. Hanging picture collages.  Fresh fruit arrangements.  The possibilities are endless.

How about this idea?  What if there were cupcakes arranged on pretty cake pedestals on each table instead of doing a large cake?  No one would need to cut or serve the cake (save a $20-50 charge from your caterer), you wouldn’t have to buy floral centerpieces (save $1300+), and your guests could help themselves (save time).  You could still have a cake to cut for your photo, though it wouldn’t need to be as elaborate as a 4-6 tier cake.  After a few of the weddings I’ve done, I’ve had to do something with the leftover cake.  That is, if no one wanted to take 30+ servings of cake home.  Not that you’re doing it as a favor to me, but you’re really doing a favor to your budget.

Here are some fun centerpiece ideas to inspire you.  Some have flowers, most don’t, and there are even a few that you won’t have to take home because others might want to.  Also, I encourage you to look at these and think about other possibilities for the vessels.  Imagine them in your color scheme or theme.







































Nice Day for a Red Wedding

Instead of tackling a theme, I thought I’d go over a couple ideas for a color wedding.

Red happens to be one of my favorite colors.  It’s vibrant, passionate, and there are so many shades from which to choose. Cranberry, crimson, maraschino, candy apple; there’s one that’s bound to appeal to you.   Whichever you decide, here are a few photos of ways to be creative with red.

Inspiration–Rustic Weddings

While “rustic” can be translated into many different categories, today I want to cover a specific kind of rustic: Vintage Americana, or Country Chic.  Between antique shops, thrift stores, yard and estate sales, and borrowing from friends or relatives, you can find some wonderfully charming items to use as decorations at your wedding and reception. […]

The Bouquet

Flowers were introduced as a bouquet only when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in the form of marigolds. The significance of the bouquet then changed slightly to symbolise a beautiful bride in full bloom, just like the flowers, as she weds. The fragrance of flowers was to also remind the couple of their happy day if they were to come across the smell again.

While the tradition of carrying a bouquet of fresh flowers down the aisle is very common, I’m starting to notice a unique trend.  More and more artisans are creating handmade bouquets made of fabric, yarn, jewels, and even paper.  These unique arrangements are gorgeous and they can be kept as keepsakes without the added cost of freeze-drying fresh flowers.  Besides, why not take the opportunity to be unique?  Many artisans can create bouquets for your bridesmaids and boutonnieres  for your groomsmen to compliment your bouquet.  Believe it or not, you can have these items made for less than it would cost to have fresh flowers.  Not only is it completely different, it’s also cost effective.

Below are a couple photos of bouquets.  A fabric one, and a crocheted one.

For more information on either, leave me a comment and I’ll tell you where you can find them!

My Favorite Things-Birds

In the warmer months, weddings start to take place outside.  Appropriately, inspiration can come from things we find in nature.  Birds have been on trend for a little while, but I just love how the theme has sparked so many imaginations and how so many wonderful bird-like details are being used in wedding decor.

Dobyns-Gonzalez Wedding