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Inspiration–Rustic Weddings

While “rustic” can be translated into many different categories, today I want to cover a specific kind of rustic: Vintage Americana, or Country Chic.  Between antique shops, thrift stores, yard and estate sales, and borrowing from friends or relatives, you can find some wonderfully charming items to use as decorations at your wedding and reception.

It’s all in the details

Think texture: burlap, canvas, muslin, raffia, twine, hand-crocheted doilies and table overlays all fall into this category.

Think simple: triangle bunting, mason jars, antique bottles, wild flowers.

Think antique: old bicycles, gates, fencing, wooden ladders, furniture, books, steamer trunks, silver platters, and the list goes on.

Where to find it

For this kind of wedding, the hunt is the most invigorating part.  Find friends and relatives, who have items like those listed above, who can let you borrow or help you make items for your wedding.  Or take them antiquing with you.  Also, ask your coordinator what she has available for rent or borrow.

My favorite places to hunt for items are the Historic District in Orange, San Juan Capistrano, Oak Glen, Yucaipa, Temecula, Big Bear, Upland, and Pomona.  I also love to search through garage and estate sales, browse the “free” section on craigslist, and even wander through the goodwill.  It’s amazing what you can find in these places, and it’s even more amazing how little you’ll spend.  It also makes for a great Saturday activity.  Be prepared to barter, and search a few different stores in that area before you buy…sometimes an item will be less at one store than at another, unless the item is unique.  You want to try to prevent buyer’s remorse!


So now that I’ve given you information on where to find these items, how about some photos to show you how to use them?  Absolutely.

Happy Hunting!!


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