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The Benefit of Using Wholesale Vendors

There’s no doubt about it: weddings are expensive. The dress, flowers, party rental, entertainment, food, decorations, favors, and cake all add up to big bucks. Did you know that some of these things can cost way more than necessary? Wouldn’t it be marvelous if you could shave off dollars here and there and be able to do more with your budget? Of course! Here’s an easy way to cut back without losing quality or impact.

When I first started pricing florists, I discovered that floral arrangements are expensive. Really expensive. So I decided to google wholesale florists, and discovered You wouldn’t believe what I found out. Not only was the cost substantially less, but he is the supplier to over half the places I had visited to begin with! I would have paid his prices, PLUS markup, PLUS labor and delivery. The cost was going to eat up 1/8th of my budget, just on floral arrangements. They’d better live forever, for that price! When I met with Masoud (the owner of Fuji Wholesale) I found out that not only are his prices extremely reasonable, but his customer service was phenomenal. He only books one wedding per weekend, which means that he and his staff take time in preparing for your wedding and your wedding alone. They are a plethora of knowledge when it comes to their trade, and they will be honest with you when they tell you that your favorite flower is going to cost more when it isn’t in season. What more could you ask for from a florist?

Depending on the look and feel of your wedding, decorations can really add up. Candles, vases, ribbon, anything your heart desires can be found at places like While you need a membership card at Shinoda, much like you do at Costco or Sam’s Club, it will be worth the extra cash it get it. Cylinder vases, ribbon, apothecary jars for the candy bar, and floating candles were 40% less than they are at Michaels or other craft stores. That’s a lot of money! For other decorations, I turned to to get the best price. For 60 paper lanterns, 250 paper fans, and 22 parasols, I spent a little over $370, including tax and shipping. That took care of party favors, the center aisle in the chapel, and ambiance in the reception hall. The bonus? They sell these items in every color you can think of, so you can completely customize for your wedding. Their customer service is amazing, and they ship immediately.

So let’s say you want to do a candy bar, where do you go for candy? Look up different wholesale candy websites. You can buy candy specifically by color, and it’s a lot cheaper than personalized M&Ms. Be sure to compare prices from one website to the next. I found that the chocolate truffles wrapped in royal blue and fuchsia foil I wanted were less expensive at one, and the pink rock candy was less at another. It was worth the extra 15 minutes to buy at the two different places, than to spend more at just one.

Alcohol is expensive. However, if you buy in bulk at places like BevMo when a certain item is on sale, you can save $5-10 per bottle. Cha-ching!! They are more than willing to order for you and then call you to come pick up your order. Having an alcohol-free wedding? That’s okay, BevMo carries sparkling lemonade and other drinks that put Martinelli’s to shame. Try Lorina; it comes in everything from Original Lemonade to Blood Orange, Pomegranate Blueberry, to French Berry, and they all get a thumbs up.

Remember, the more you save, the further you can stretch your budget, and the more you stretch, the more you can do for your big day.


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